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Bargaining Sessions

Join us at the virtual bargaining table!

May 25


June 1


June 3


Members are invited to join the b-team and EC from 3-5pm on Fridays following bargaining to discuss that day's session. We will be heading to Falling Sky Brewing at 1334 Oak Alley those afternoons to debrief and ease into the weekend. 

Caucus Meetings & Socials

Some caucuses are social, some are working groups. All are important for building community.

Working Families Caucus

The Working Families Caucus formed in response to concerns about the University of Oregon’s family and parental leave policies, as well as other concerns of working family members, like caregiving. Email Lynn Fujiwara at fujiwara@uauoregon.org if you are interested in joining the Working Families Caucus.  



Faculty of Color Caucus

The caucus understands its constituency expansively. It is a forum for faculty who care about issues of equity, inclusion, and diversity in the workplace and off campus. Email Lynn Fujiwara at fujiwara@uauoregon.org if you are interested in joining the Faculty of Color Caucus.


Standing Committees meet regularly and are always looking for new members. If you are a UA member interested in serving on a committee, email us.


The CAT works to support the Bargaining Team during and in the run-up to bargaining. This year the CAT is combined with the Organizing & Membership Committee to form OMCAT.


 GCAC helps faculty during the grievance process, and in assessing whether informal processes may lead to a better outcome. GCAC works closely with the VPs for faculty affairs on matters of promotion denial.


The Finance & Budget Committee proposes the annual budget to the Representative Assembly for approval. They ensure United Academics remains a financially viable organization.


The Politics Committee vets endorsements for local and state-wide political office. They also help direct the legislative priorities of the lobbyists of our state affiliates, and maintain relationships with local politicians and university lobbyists. 


The Communications Committee is the editorial board for the Duck & Cover newsletter, our social media feeds, out-going email communications and press releases. They determine the tone of all of our external communications.


Organinzing & Membership (currently combined with the CAT to form OMCAT) is responsible for building the United Academics community.