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Welcome to United Academics! By joining your union, you are strengthening our collective voice and ability to enact positive change for our colleagues and our students.

Once you’ve filled out the form linked below, our staff organizer Heather will confirm your intent via email. Dues are 1.1% of salary and are typically deducted starting the first paycheck after joining.

If you were previously a member of the union and are rejoining the bargaining unit (for instance, after being department head) you do not need to re-join.

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Lunch with your Local

UA leadership meets over lunch to discuss issues as they arise (and sometimes just socialize). You’re invited to join our Tuesday Zoom lunches at noon! 



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Weekly Social Hour

Time to get together and socialize with colleagues from across campus. Winter Term Fridays starting at 4:00pm. 


May 12


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Spring Representative Assembly II

Representative Assemblies are for UA Representatives and Stewards. They occur during Week 3 and Week 7 of each quarter. More details will be availible closer to the event.

General Membership Meetings

Even if you don't have time to serve, you can stay informed by attending our regular membership meetings.

UA Committees

UA has committees on Politics, Communications, Organizing & Membership and more! 

Get Involved ...

There are lots of ways to make a difference in our community. United Academics offers opportunities to work with other good people doing good things.

We have three standing caucuses—some meet to solve issues, others meet to find community—which get together quarterly.

We have faculty representatives, stewards, committees, and bargaining teams. There's always something to do around here! (Even if "here" means via Zoom).



We're bargaining a new Collective Bargaining Agreement this Winter. 


Find your community here!

Stewards & Representatives

Share what's happening in your unit by becoming a steward or rep!


Stewards serve in a voluntary capacity. Each department/unit may select at least one steward. An important piece of being a good steward is to listen to your colleagues and share any concerns with union leadership or staff. It is also possible that a colleague may ask you to accompany them to a meeting. United Academics has developed a form to help you along with both of these important union activities. You can find that PDF here.

Click on the image to view the full United Academics Stewards handbook. Additional information about being a steward can be found here in the Bylaws of United Academics.


Representatives (reps) are elected to 2-year terms and have the authority to vote on union business, including approval of the budget and any changes tothe Constitution or other internal policies. Representative positions are allotted on the basis of employment classification and by college or school. Representatives also serve as stewards for their department or unit.

Representative Assembly

Representatives and stewards constitute the Representative Assembly. The Representative Assembly meets twice per term to discuss workplace and organizational concerns, as well as the strategic direction of our union.

Want to learn more? Email Heather!

Meet the Chair of the Representative Assembly

Edward Davis

Chair of the Representative Assembly

Edward Davis is an academic expert in paleontology and the evolution of large mammals. At the University of Oregon, he is an associate professor of earth sciences and the Paleontological Collections Manager for the Museum of Natural and Cultural History.

Edward specializes in the way species respond to ongoing climate change. Most of his work is on terrestrial herbivores (plant eaters, like antelope), but his research also expands into whales and carnivores.

Email Edward


Organizing and Membership focuses on maintaining a strong membership in the union and organizing events such as General Membership Meetings (GMMs) and the Representative Assembly.

The CAT focuses on engaging and communicating with faculty throughout the bargaining process. We talk with faculty and keep them informed about what’s happening at the table, and relay member concerns back to the negotiating team. We develop messaging and plan campaigns and actions (think slogans, posters, buttons, rallies). CAT members increase faculty participation in bargaining by turning colleagues out to sessions and recruiting new activists, stewards/reps, and CAT members.

Because the work between the two committees overlap, we have joined forces and now we are the OMCAT! (Meow.)


Meet the Chair of OMCAT

Tina Boscha

Chair of the Organizing & Membership Committee

Tina Boscha is a Senior Instructor in the Composition Program within the
Department of English. She began teaching at the UO in 2001 as a graduate student in the Creative Writing Program and her teaching specialties include WR 121 and upper division science and business writing courses.

She was part of the organizing effort behind United Academics' formation and is excited to lead the Organizing and Membership Committee and Contract Action Team.

Email Tina