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UA Officer and Representative Elections

We have elections for five officer and all representative positions this year, with nominations due by March 22, 2023. All members in good standing* are eligible to serve as officers or representatives and nominate other members in good standing. Self-nominations are also permitted. If you’re interested in running, our current board members are happy to talk to you and answer your questions. As always, you can contact UA staff with any questions at [email protected].

Open positions:
Five Executive Council and all Representative Assembly positions are open. The Executive Council (EC) is the primary leadership body of United Academics, focusing on initiating, overseeing, and revising the union’s program. The EC consists of officers and the chairpersons of the Grievance and Contract Administration Committee, the Organizing and Membership Committee, and the Politics Committee. The Executive Council typically meets weekly during the academic year to discuss issues that impact faculty and campus.

Representatives (reps) are elected to 2-year terms and have the authority to vote on union business, including approval of the budget and any changes to the Constitution or other internal policies. Representative positions are allotted based on employment classification and by college or school. Representatives also serve as stewards for their department or unit. The Representative Assembly is represented on the Executive Council by its Chair and typically meets twice a term during the academic year.

The open Executive Council positions, elected in odd years, are listed with the current board member so you can contact them with your questions.

  • President (Urbancic)

  • Secretary (Curtin)

  • VP for TTF Affairs (Luebke)

  • VP for NTTF Research Affairs (Karns)

  • Chair of Organizing and Membership Committee (Davis)

We also need to elect these positions:

Officer Elections
To be nominated to be an officer, a member in good standing needs the signature of 10 other members in good standing. Please complete and submit this form directly to the union hall staff at 603 East 13th or email it to [email protected]. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Representative Elections
Representatives represent a roughly proportional number of members, with representation distributed based on both employment classification and academic work units. Information on the seats available can be found here. Representatives will be elected from these employment classifications:

•    Tenured and tenure-track faculty
•    Non-tenure track instructional faculty
•    Non-tenure track research faculty

If you wish to nominate yourself or someone else to be a representative, please complete and submit this form directly to the staff at the union hall or email it to [email protected].

Nomination notices for officers and representatives must be received by 4:59 pm on March 22, 2023.

*A member in good standing is defined as a bargaining unit member who has been actively employed by the university in a bargaining unit position at any time during the last twelve months, has signed a union membership card, and either pays regular membership dues while employed by the university or pays a $10 per month membership dues fee when not employed by the university.