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The role of interim president of UAUO is open! We invite members to express their interest in that position or other ways of participating more in your union. One or more members of the current Executive Committee will be happy to meet with anyone interested (or even just possibly interested, thinking about becoming interested, and so on) to help you learn more about the position and other ways to be involved. If you would like to serve as interim president, please send us a candidate statement, which we will post publicly on the UAUO website (uauoregon.org). All union members in good standing will be able to give feedback to the EC, and the EC will use that input as they appoint a new interim president to serve a one-year term. This is the normal process by which UAUO replaces officers of the union who step down before their term of service has elapsed.

More detail: Our current interim president, Avinnash Tiwari, is leaving the UO after this Spring term. In previous instances of mid-term presidential departures, we have created a consistent procedure: potential candidates express interest by submitting a candidate statement, members are welcome to send in their opinions, and the EC appoints the interim replacement. We last did this a year ago when Avinnash stepped in to replace Chris Sinclair (another wonderful president) shortly after that year’s full board election. 

The new interim president will serve until the general UA leadership election in Spring 2023, at which time all positions open for new candidates. If you meet with us to learn more about the interim president role but determine that it won’t quite work for you, we hope you’ll consider running for a position in 2023 or that you’ll look at openings we have for committees and/or representative and steward positions.

Open Positions

The Executive Council is currently accepting self-nominations for the position of United Academics President.  Nominations, questions, and comments are due by Tuesday, May 10 and can be submitted by email to info@uauoregon.org.

Candidate Statements

Mike Urbancic

UA Officer and Representative Elections

2021 United Academics Executive Council and Representative Assembly Election

In accordance with the UAUO Constitution and Bylaws, the election for executive council and representative assembly is now closed. A hearty thanks to the Elections Committee, and all the faculty who have volunteered to serve your union.

Results of 2021 Elections

President: Chris Sinclair

Executive Vice President: Scott Pratt

Secretary: Eleanor Wakefield

Treasurer: Willliam Harbaugh

Vice President for TT Faculty Affairs: David Luebke

Vice President for NTT Instructional Faculty Affairs: Mike Urbancic

Vice President for NTT Research Faculty Affairs: Christina Karns

Vice President of Diversity and Equity: Lynn Fujiwara

Chair of the Grievance and Contract Administration Committee: Nathan Whalen

Chair of the Organizing and Membership Committee: Edward Davis

Chair of the Politics Committee: Avinnash P. Tiwari

2021-23 RA Results